Our Story

Sitting with our mates having a drink one night deep in conversation, a few years ago. Naturally, the talk turned to shopping (….yep, men talk about that stuff too!) The girls and boys agreed that there was room for another brand in the cool casual range for men and women. We discuss a lot at home, sometimes we action our discussion, sometimes not. This time we decided to dig deeper.

We figured that if we are doing this we need to make the sort of stuff we would wear. It needs to be useable by the young and old but more for the inbetweeners….you know, too young to be old and too old to be young!

We have been and will continue to search the globe for cool clothing that suits a purpose. It needs to be tough but good-looking, well made but not expensive. It needs to be comfortable and fit right and still totally practical. After all, looking good and feeling great are non negotiable!

It’s taken a while and a lot of hard work but we are there! The first products are here and we will be adding more quite quickly. We will be out finding the next must have items to add to the collection, taking suggestions from our followers and hunting down the best price possible.

Join us on the journey, wear Scruffy Dog, make suggestions, keep coming back and above all keep on looking good and feeling great. We like to say ‘Love what you are wearing, wear what you love’…….Scruffy Dog!